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Day 01 Buenos Aires, Argentina
Day 02 Montevideo, Uruguay
Day 03 Cruising the Atlantic Ocean
Day 04 Puerto Madryn, Argentina
Day 05 Cruising the South Atlantic Ocean
Day 06 Falkland Islands/Port Stanley
Day 07 Cruising the Drake Passage
Day 08 Cruising Antarctica
Day 09 Cruising Antarctica
Day 10 Cruising Antarctica
Day 11 Cruising the Drake Passage
Day 12 Ushuaia, Argentina
Day 13 Ushuaia
Day 14 Punta Arenas, Chile
Day 15 Cruising the Pacific Ocean
Day 16 Cruising the Pacific Ocean
Day 17 Puerto Montt
Day 18 Cruising the Pacific Ocean
Day 19 Valparaíso

Antarctic Holiday
Dec 21, 2013 for 18 days
Crystal Symphony
Christmas, New Year’s and Antarctica... all in one cruise! If you haven’t had the privilege of cruising Antarctica, this could be just the cruise for you. In 16 days you will enjoy it all.

Cruisers, however, after having been to this special part of the ocean, tend to return because of the very nature of the quiet beauty of ice bergs, cute antics of the penguins and other sea creatures. How can you top this itinerary? Hardly ever!

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