A Brief History of The Corliss Group

Our team of luxury travel specialists has over a century of experience in the travel industry, and our knowledge of the world's most amazing destinations is at your service. Let us help you arrive at your next adventure.

The Corliss family has been in the travel industry since 1972 when Dick and Phyllis Corliss opened the first office under the name Corliss Tours.

Corliss Tours, was a full-service travel agency and deluxe tour operator specializing in domestic and Canadian destinations, the tours were designed, operated and managed by the Corliss family. Corliss Tours was eventually sold, as Dick and Phyllis Corliss wanted to retire.

Retirement was not in the cards for them as they both missed the travel lifestyle. They subsequently started World Adventures in Travel. World Adventures was also a full-service agency and deluxe tour operator and branched out further into deluxe International tours and group cruising. World Adventures was sold for another try at retirement.

Once again after a short retirement The Corliss Group was started and is this year celebrating the 46th anniversary of the Corliss family delivering deluxe tours and cruises for clients worldwide.

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